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Pay For Essay - An Alternative To Paying For Your Essay While You Do It?

Is there a way to 'pay for essay' with no start up costs or hidden fees? A lot of people are starting to look for these opportunities as the Internet becomes increasingly popular, more so now that the economy is in a dismal state. More 'custom-tailored' and 'formatted' academic papers are turning up on 'specialists' search engines. What is the deal?

A lot of companies like to offer essays (usually from an academic level), but they want to charge for them, usually through 'live chat' or 'phone ordering'. Sometimes it's not clear what 'live chat' means, and it's hard to know whether or not such calls are reliable, especially since most times you have to pay for the long distance charges anyway. The only way to know if 'order by phone' will be useful is to try it out yourself, just so you can see how it works. I did this recently, and I want to give my honest opinion on how it worked, and on the company I work for.

I ordered a few cheap 'expressions of interest' from two different services and then went to 'shop by phone' to see which company could actually deliver what I was ordering. The process was not pleasant at all. The person on the other end of the phone seemed to have very little knowledge of either academic writing essays, or even basic English! I wasted at least two hours trying to explain to her that the essays I was ordering were a few years old and needed to be rewritten.

The other problem was that she didn't seem to know what 'reasonable' rates were. I had to explain to her that the rates I was quoted were the most affordable rates she was able to buy the same sort of essays online from the likes of AWeber and Harvard Extension Service. It turns out that these sorts of services are used quite often by professors looking to hire cheap writers to do their assignments, rather than full-time writers who might be more expensive to hire in the long run.

When I tried to explain all this to the 'free writing service' girl, she just laughed and said she didn't know what I was talking about. Needless to say, I never got another email from her - she obviously wasn't interested in me any more. After wasting my entire afternoon trying to sell my essay to a writing service that was only interested in selling my story to college students who needed a cheap college essay writer, I realized I would have to find another writer.

The next writer I looked for was on a freelance site, so I sent her an email to see if she'd be interested in helping me out. She said she would be glad to help out my son with his writing needs. I sent her two samples of my son's essays for free, one with a regular academic style and one using a more casual style. She told me she could get the essays I sent out in about a week's time.

Five days later, I received an email from her. It turns out she'd hired a whole crew to help her get the word out to as many students as possible regarding her new 'services.' Her goal, as she explained it to me over the phone, was to get me and many other students jobs writing ten to twenty essays each for credit-card companies, academic institutions, and private businesses. Her goal was to write two hundred by the end of the school year, or as soon as she could get these assignments out of the way.

In addition to needing help with my workload, I was impressed by the quality of her service. I got to communicate with her regularly via email, which allowed me to give her feedback on my papers without worrying that she would be disappointed with my academic progress. And although it took a little bit longer than I anticipated, I'm very pleased with the results of the academic quarter I've experienced so far. And now I look forward to additional help from this writer, as well as others, in the future.

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